The Judi Apple Memorial Fund, was established to provide scholarships for Help.4.Hep counselors to attend professional training and/or education programs to improve and enhance their skills.

Judi was a hepatitis Peer Counselor for many years.  She started as a volunteer with Hepatitis C Association in 1999 helping individuals suffering from hepatitis C. Her contribution to the HCV community lives on in our memories and the hearts and minds of so many people she touched.

Applications by H4H Counselors should be submitted to the Hepatitis C Association for consideration.  Scholarship amounts will be nominally limited to $500.00.  No counselor will be eligible for more than one scholarship in any one 12 month period.

Individuals wishing to make contributions to the Judi Apple Memorial Fund should contact Dennis Simon, Managing Partner of Help.4.Hep and Treasurer of Hepatitis C Association., 908.812.2488.

Judith (DuFour) Apple

    DOB 5/23/1943

    Death:  11/1/2015