The Hepatitis C Association (New Jersey) is focused on educating the public, both patients and medical providers, about hepatitis C virus.

We offer factual information through educational programs and support materials.

We promote awareness of hepatitis C on our website and through our programs, by educating people about the risk factors and the necessity of protecting our livers with treatment of the virus if needed, and/or practicing healthy behaviors through lifestyle changes.

We strive to bring the importance of organ donation to the forefront of the public's mind.

We offer support and help with access to patients living with this insidious disease by making information available online, in our brochures, and through Help-4-Hep a peer-operated toll-free support line. We also provide patient education programs in substance abuse settings.

We strive to minimize the social and personal impact of hepatitis C on the patient.

The Hepatitis C Association, Inc., promises to do its best to help patients in every way possible.






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