877-Help-4-Hep: National Toll-Free Hepatitis C Peer-to-Peer Helpline (877-435-7443)

Accurate information. Meaningful help. All for free.

Help for hepatitis C is just a toll-free phone call away. Because most of our counselors have had their lives touched in one way or another by hepatitis C, we understand the challenges you face. And our special training and experience as peer counselors enables us to help you in ways you may not have even considered. We can refer you to a doctor, free testing, a support group, financial help paying for your meds, and much more.

Just know that you don’t have to do this alone and you don’t need to learn everything in one call or in one day. Think of this as a journey and we’re your travel companions or maybe even your tour guide. 

We’re not nurses or doctors. We’re simply good people totally focused on hepatitis C who care deeply about helping others.

We must be doing something right: 100% of the people who call say that connecting with a peer counselor was a "positive experience" and 95% are more ready to "take care of their health."

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877‑HELP‑4‑HEP (877‑435‑7443)

How to Get Tested for Hepatitis C:

Help-4-Hep can help you find lower-cost testing for hepatitis C. A doctor’s order may be required in your state. Special, low priced, or sometimes free tests are available even if you don't have insurance.  Call now - 877-435-7443

Initial Hepatitis C Screening:

Hepatitis C Antibody Test: 

This is the first step to find out if you have hepatitis C.  If the hepatitis C antibody test result is positive (AB+) a second blood test is needed to find out if you currently have the hepatitis C virus in your blood. YOU CAN BE AB+ AND STILL NOT HAVE HEPATITIS C. Call us if you have questions or need assistance getting this test or the confirmatory test.   Call now - 877-435-7443

Confirmation Test for Positive Hep-C Antibody Screening:

Hepatitis C Quantitative PCR (confirmatory test) also called an RNA test.

This is the confirmatory test to see if you actually have the hepatitis C virus in your blood. Call us if you have questions or need assistance getting this confirmatory test.

Hepatitis C Genotype Test: 

There are several types of hepatitis. They are called genotypes.

Testing to see which genotype you have is needed so your doctor can decide which drugs are needed to cure you and for how long you should be treated. Call us if you have questions or need assistance getting a genotype test.

Resistance Testing: 

Some hepatitis C viruses are resistant to treatment.

Testing for resistance may be needed to determine the duration of treatment and possibly additional drugs. Call us if you have questions or need assistance getting a resistance test.