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“Exceptionally knowledgeable. A great help.” Help-4-Hep caller

“You guys call me back and check on me. No one else is doing that.” Help-4-Hep caller

“What a smart and visionary approach.” Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinators (state DOHs)

“You guys are the only people out there that I can call and reach out to. I am alone, and I don’t have anybody. It’s vital that I had an organization like this when I need to reach out and talk to somebody. You are awesome. You guys call me back and check on me, and no one else is doing that. Also, you try your hardest to come up with something that can help me. I’m very pleased that you guys are there.“

“The helpline is really helping our clients at our county health department. We not only utilized the information that you provide inside the health department, we also take it out into the community. Our counselors here are excited and very pleased with the information that is given. We have also been getting good feedback from our clients on how Help-4-Hep helpline is helping them. So please, keep up the good work and we’re excited to be connected and informed so we can help our community.“

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

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